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Daredevils Fly in Formation With Giant Airbus A380 November 28 2015 15583 Comments

The Airbus A380 is the largest commercial airplane in service today.  It can hold over 600 passengers.  Because of its size, controllers require additional separation between takeoffs and landings for wake turbulence.  The vortices coming off of the wing are as strong as a tornado.  

 Two daredevils coordinated with Emirates to fly in formation with the giant airliner.  With great precision, they flew alongside the 800,000lb airliner while a chase plane and camera crew filmed the stunt.  Check out the video below! 

Custom KC-135R Models Available with Tail Markings From Every Single Base July 20 2015 103 Comments

A couple of years ago, we added the KC-135R to our fleet of "Custom Express" models.  This plane is the venerable workhorse of our nation's tanker fleet.  With over 803 KC-135s built, there are still over 400 in service.  They are strategically located at bases all around the world with hundreds operated by the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been busy redesigning our website.   When redesigning the site, we added additional customization features to our model.  Now you can order ANY US Air Force base tail flash, even from a deactivated unit.  We also added the option for MIPRs, or refueling pods on the wings.  It's all part of our relentless pursuit of accuracy.

Since 2007, we've set out to build a unique store that sells custom mahogany models and we're really proud of the store we've built.  What sets us apart are a couple of things.  First of all, we were the first store on the web to offer "Custom Express" models.  That means that just 4 weeks after ordering your custom airplane, you'll have it delivered to your door. We offer the "Custom Express" option for 10 different aircraft.  Each plane can be customized with your choice of tail number, base markings, name on canopy rail along with a custom patch and data plate on the stand.  Many of our competitors try to match our speed but they never match our quality or attention to detail.  We include features that other model makers forget.  Every model we make comes with realistic antennas, accurate paint colors, pitot tubes, windshield wipers and even accurate boom markings.

Click here to Order a KC-135R Custom Express Model

Blue Angels Disrupt Beachgoers and the Crowd Goes Wild July 19 2015 65 Comments

Blue Angels #7

There's nothing more exhilarating than watching the Blue Angels perform.  The skill, the power, and the roar of those beautiful F-18s in formation are a unique sight to behold.  During a recent air show in Pensacola Beach, Florida, beachgoers were distracted by the low speed pass of Blue Angels #7.  With military precision, the #2 jet went roaring along the coastline at a high speed.  The resulting wake turbulence uplifted umbrellas, towels and everything that wasn't secured on the beach. The crowd roars in approval. Check it out!

The Perfect Gift for a Pilot Training Student or Grad November 24 2014 65 Comments

Looking for the perfect gift for a pilot training student or graduate?  Look no further than a model from Aim Higher Jets.