The Perfect Gift for a Pilot Training Student or Grad November 24 2014 65 Comments

Looking for the ultimate gift for a pilot training student or graduate? Aim Higher Jets has the perfect model. If you or your special someone has been through the challenging UPT or UNT program, they deserve a model to remember their accomplishment. Aim Higher Jets produces the highest quality mahogany model on the internet. Details like a realistic propellor on the T-6 and proper antennas on the T-1 and T-38. The best part is that you can customize your model to look exactly like the real jet. This includes tail flashes from Laughlin AFB, Vance AFB, Columbus AFB, Moody AFB, Pensacola or Sheppard AFB. We also can put any tail number. We seal the deal with their name on the canopy rail.

We also offer the simplest group discount program on the web.  If 5 or more orders are placed by your class in a rolling 30 day period, we will refund $25 per model directly to the credit card used for the purchase.  We eliminate the frustrating policy of collecting the funds, tracking down customization information and passing out the models once they arrive.  We also offer even more amazing pricing for class orders of 20 or more.  Contact us at 817-945-3500 for more information.

All of our models are custom built for you and delivered in just 3 to 4 weeks. Every model is delivered to your door in a highly protected box to ensure that your model arrives safe and sound.  We look forward to making you another satisfied customer.