Custom Mahogany - Fighter/Bomber

$ 384.95

We can build ANY model of any aircraft, airliner, corporate jet, private airplane or helicopter in ANY paint scheme. Our Custom Mahogany models are guaranteed to be the best model on the web. Every meticulous detail is replicated with precise detail. Our models have details like windshield wipers, antennas and even precision crafted armaments and prop logos if its on the actual aircraft. We work with you to ensure your model is exactly the way you want it. We'll even send you proofs to make sure its 100% correct before we ship. A Custom Mahogany model takes 10-11 weeks to make.

Custom Model Features:

  • We can build any airplane or helicopter. Military, Warbirds, Airliners, Business Jets or Light Civilian 
  • ANY PAINT SCHEME: Just send us a picture of how you want it
  • ANY SCALE: We can do any scale up to a wingspan or length that does not exceed 17"
  • ANY PATCH or LOGO: Customized to look great on the stand
  • ANY ARMAMENT: Any bombs, guns or weapons on the wings
  • PERSONALIZED INSCRIPTION PLAQUE: Up to 3 lines of text. 
  • 110% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your model will be perfect, we guarantee it.

Bulk Discounts for Squadron Orders

Say goodbye to having to collect money from your squadron and figuring out how they want to customized their plane.  We make putting together a group order easy for you.  Save $25 on each model when your organization orders 20 or more models.   

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