United Airbus A320 Model 1/100 Scale

$ 219.95

Introducing the ready-to-ship Airbus A320 model. This 1/100 scale model was handmade with precision and accuracy to produce the finest model that will be the centerpiece of your collection for years to come. This model is a perfect gift for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. This model features a wingspan of 13.5 inches and a length of 14.75 inches. This model features a very accurate paint scheme with realistic panel lines.

About this Model:

Your model will be delivered exactly as shown in the photographs with the exact same paint scheme.  The stand shown in this photograph may vary or change with the model you receive.  If you would like to change this model in any other way, please visit our Custom Model section of our website to commission a customized model to be built.  

History of the Airbus A-320:

The A320 Airbus family is a short to medium range commercial passenger airliner manufactured by Airbus. The A320 series has two variants, the A320-100 and A320-200. The A320-200 is the definitive version and was delivered together with the A320-100 to Air Inter, an airliner acquired by Air France, Air France and British Airways. The A320-200 features wingtip fences and has an increased fuel capacity compared to the A320-100 for an increased range. The A320-200 has 2,900 nautical miles typical range with 150 passengers. It incorporates two CFMI CFM56-5 or IAE V2500 with thrust ratings between 25,500 to 27,000 pounds force. The A320-200 direct Boeing competitor is the 737-800. There are more than 3,000 A320s built and is the second best-selling jet airliner family of all time