McDonnell Douglas X-3 Stiletto 1/32 Scale Mahogany Model

$ 149.95

Introducing the ready-built CX3T Desktop Model. This 1/32 scale model was handmade with precision and accuracy to produce the finest model that will be the centerpiece of your collection for years to come. This model is a perfect gift for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Not too big or too small, this model features a wingspan of 8.5 inches and a length of 25.25 inches. This model features a very accurate paint scheme with realistic panel lines.

The X-3 Stiletto was an experimental jet aircraft with a slender fuselage and a long tapered nose. The X-3 Stiletto was manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Company. Its primary mission was to investigate the design features of an aircraft suitable for sustained supersonic speeds, which included the first use of titanium in major airframe components. It was, however, seriously underpowered for its purpose and could not even exceed Mach 1 in level flight.

The first X-3 "hop" was made on 15 October 1952, by Douglas test pilot Bill Bridgeman. During a high-speed taxi test, Bridgeman lifted the X-3 off the ground and flew it about a mile (1.6 km) before settling back onto the lake bed. The official first flight was made by Bridgeman on 20 October, and lasted about 20 minutes. He made a total of 26 flights (counting the hop) by the end of the Douglas tests in December 1953. These showed that the X-3 was severely underpowered and difficult to control. More seriously, the X-3 did not approach its planned top speed. The X-3's fastest flight, made on 28 July 1953, reached Mach 1.208 in a 30 degree dive.

The principal contribution of the X-3 was its data on inertia coupling - a potentially violent divergence from the intended flight path when executing an abrupt maneuver which had afflicted the X-1 and X-2 aircraft.

In 1956, X-3 Stiletto was transferred to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, where as of 2007, it is currently on display in the Research & Development Gallery.

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