Beechcraft T-6A Texan II USAF Mahogany Model

$ 199.95

Introducing the ready-to-ship USAF T-6 Texan II mahogany model. This 1/32 scale model was handmade with precision and accuracy to produce the finest model that will be the centerpiece of your collection for years to come. This model is a perfect gift for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Not too big or too small, this model features a wingspan of 12.38 inches and a length of 12 inches. This model features a very accurate paint scheme with realistic panel lines.

Looking for a customized model?

Your model will be delivered exactly as shown in the photographs with the exact same paint scheme.  The stand shown in this photograph may vary or change with the model you receive. We CANNOT customized this model. If you would like to change this model in any other way, please visit our Custom Express T-6 Model on our website to commission a customized model to be built.  A customized T-6 model can be built in just 3 to 4 weeks.

History of the T-6 Texan II:

A replacement for the venerable T-34, the T6-A Texan II is painstakingly built from Philippine mahogany by our skilled craftsmen with a wealth of detail, this T-6A Texan II makes a great gift for any aviation enthusiast or history buff. Based on the Pilatus PC-9 civilian turboprop, is manufactured by Raytheon Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas. The T-6A Texan II is a single-engine, two-seat primary trainer aircraft, which is designed to train Joint Primary Pilot Training students in basic flying skills common to U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots. The T-6A Texan II began replacing the T-34C Turbo Mentors in Navy service in 2005. Powered by a single, Pratt & Whitney PT6A-68 turboprop engine with a four-blade propeller, it features a stepped-tandem cockpit configuration, with the instructor's rear seat raised slightly to improve visibility from the rear cockpit; modern avionics; and improved egress systems. Both T-6A cockpits are covered by a single, side-opening, non-jettisoned canopy. The T-6A provides a high degree of flexibility as a trainer, equally capable of training the beginner pilot or performing training missions well into an advanced curriculum. The T-6A is currently used by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, the Hellenic Air Force of Greece and the NATO Flying Training in Canada program as a primary trainer and weapons and navigation trainer.

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