Executive Series Douglas C-47A Skytrain (Olive) 1/72 Scale Mahogany Model

$ 209.95

Introducing the ready-built AC047ODT Desktop Model. This 1/72 scale model was handmade with precision and accuracy to produce the finest model that will be the centerpiece of your collection for years to come. This model is a perfect gift for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Not too big or too small, this model features a wingspan of 16 inches and a length of 11 inches. This model features a very accurate paint scheme with realistic panel lines.

This collectible model represents the C-47 Skytrain. The C-47, the military version of the DC-3, is still in use today, and is one of the most influential aircraft in history. Painstakingly built from Philippine mahogany by skilled craftsmen using a wealth of detail, this 1/62-scale model C-47 makes a great gift for any aviation enthusiast or history buff.

The Douglas DC-3 revolutionized the airline industry, offering a combination of efficiency and performance that allowed airlines to make a profit carrying only passengers. Able to cross the nation in 15 hours with three fuel stops, the DC-3 helped popularize airline travel. Powered by Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp radials, the DC-3 could cruise at 150 mph and carry up to 32 passengers.

With the addition of a strengthened floor and a cargo door, the DC-3 became the C-47 Skytrain, or Dakota as it was known in British service. More than 16,000 DC-3/C-47s were built, and saw service worldwide as cargo haulers, paratroop drop ships, air ambulance and glider tow ships. The C-47 was a mainstay of the early days of the Berlin Airlift before being supplanted by the C-54 Skymaster. During the Vietnam War, the C-47 – as the AC-47 Spooky – pioneering the gunship concept that resulted in the powerful AC-130U gunships in use today.

This significant aircraft still serves today as a cargo hauler, with some versions being equipped with turboprop engines.

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