Bell X-2 Starbuster Mahogany Model

$ 159.95

Introducing the ready-to-ship Bell X-2 mahogany model. This 1/32 scale model was handmade with precision and accuracy to produce the finest model that will be the centerpiece of your collection for years to come. This model is a perfect gift for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Not too big or too small, this model features a wingspan of 13 inches and a length of 16.25 inches. This model features a very accurate paint scheme with realistic panel lines.

About this Model:

Your model will be delivered exactly as shown in the photographs with the exact same paint scheme.  The stand shown in this photograph may vary or change with the model you receive. If you would like to change this model in any other way, please visit our Custom Model section of our website to commission a customized model to be built.  

History of the Bell X-2:

The Bell X-2 Starbuster was a rocket-powered, swept-wing research aircraft built to investigate the structural effects of aerodynamic heating as well as stability and control effectiveness at high speeds and altitudes. The program was developed jointly in 1945 by Bell Aircraft Corporation, the United States Air Force and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) to explore aerodynamic problems of supersonic flight, and to expand the speed and altitude regimes obtained with the earlier X-1 series of research aircraft. Providing adequate stability and control for aircraft flying at high supersonic speeds was only one of the major difficulties facing flight researchers as they approached Mach 3. For speeds in that region, they knew they would also begin to encounter a thermal barrier, severe heating effects caused by aerodynamic friction. Constructed of stainless steel and a copper-nickel alloy, and powered by a two-chamber XLR25 2,500 to 15,000 lbf (11 to 67 kN) thrust throttle able rocket engine, the X-2 was designed to probe this region. While the X-2 exceeded Mach 3, in the course of doing so it uncovered the supersonic aircraft problem of inertial coupling. On its last flight, the aircraft crashed and the pilot was killed.

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